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Footundeez for Dance

Shoes are a vital component of any outfit, particularly the outfits worn when working out. Footundeez are an ideal choice for those seeking comfort and quality in a workout or dance shoe. They are the most recent innovation in the world of dance and are the perfect choice for those always in bodily motion. This impressive product offers security and protection where needed the most, as it is designed to form as well as move with the foot. Footundeez are designed such that they are barely noticeable while still providing support and protection to the foot.

Exercising, workouts and dances could be difficult without footundeez. Other activities such as yoga and pilates do not require shoes but to ensure more comfort, the exercises could be done in shoes. Considered and regarded by many as underwear for the feet, Footundeez are a staple in the bags of many dancers and come available in a range of colors, rhinestones, fun prints and skin-toned materials that can suit any ensemble or mood. To give your feet a well-deserved break, trying the footundeez inside your dance shoes will give you strategic comfort and abrasion resistance.

This product is specifically designed for dancers who either engage in dancing as a pastime or a profession. Footundeez are superbly comfortable when fitted and flexible when used. They come at a very affordable price meaning you will not have to dent your pocket and finances investing in them. Footundeez have this chic simplicity that make them a beautiful and ideal choice for many prospective buyers. Their low profile patterns make them blend in with the feet and not cause undue attention to the feet. For additional comfort, a neoprene stretch, arc insert and a product foam pad were added to the footundeez.

Serious dance enthusiasts can opt for Capezio footundeez dance peds whose purpose is provision of maximum support and comfort as well as some padded protection. The dance peds are made from a 4-way stretchy fabric that enhances the breathing of your feet while maintaining durability similar to that of an elastic band. Not only is this footwear meant to cater for children but adults as well. Footundeez are ideal for young dancers thanks to their incredible comfort and perfect fit. Their comfort is derived from Achilles notch that has been incorporated in them. An elastic strap also connects the eye rows to each other. You will not have to worry about your kid skidding on the dancing surface since the heels are designed such that they will not encounter slipping. One of the many noticeable features on this product is the ribbon tie.

You can purchase these shoes from your local store or you can order them online. Dancing is not only an honorable profession but a very enjoyable pastime as well. Dancers are proud of showing off their hobby or career by donning accessories that have enhanced their profession and hobby over the years. Footundeez are not only of very good quality but will also last you a long time. They offer good value for money and are a great addition to any wardrobe.

Dancewear Options

Any mom of a child who is in dance knows the importance of finding high quality children’s dancewear for their little dancer. There is a lot of motion involved in dancing and you need the right clothing that will move with your child. It is important to choose kids dance clothing that is comfortable and offers maximum flexibility.
There is a wide variety of children’s dancewear to choose from. What you will need all depends on which classes your child is taking and the instructor’s preference. Some of the choices in dance wear include: leotards, tights, tutus, skirts, unitards, dresses, and shoes. The dance instructor will inform you what is required for each dance lesson. For revues and concerts you will most likely be ordering costumes through the dance studio, but you will need outfits specifically for the classes.
The basic essentials most classes require are leotards and tights. The standard choice in leotards are pink and black, although they come in a multitude of colors and patterns. Leotards come in different styles including camisoles, halters, short sleeves, long sleeves, and tanks. Leotards, like unitards, are made as all-in-one body suits that you step into. The leotard is typically the clothing of choice for dancing. They are perfect for layering making them the most versatile piece of clothing when it comes to dancewear. The only disadvantage with leotards or unitards is that they can pose a challenge with young dancers for bathroom breaks. If the teacher allows, a separate top and bottom outfit is more ideal.
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Another factor to consider when buying children’s dancewear is comfort for different climates. Dancing is just the same as exercising in that it is a workout. You want to opt for dancewear that is made of light, breathable material to avoid overheating. Nylon is a great material as it naturally wicks moisture away from the body.  Likewise, you will need to have suitable dance clothes for cooler climates. There are several options to choose in childrens dancewear for the winter months.   You can pair long sleeve leotards with leggings or leg warmers. Unitards also come available in long sleeves and leggings. Tights offer a wide variety of options with so many different styles to choose from. They can come in multiple lengths including capri, full footed, footless, and stirrup. Leggings are thicker quality tights offering the most suitable solution for cooler temperatures.
There are hundreds of places where you can find dancewear for your little dancer. Specialty stores tailored specifically to dance will likely have the most choices and varieties available.  Because dancewear is meant to conform to the body, it is advised to shop in an actual physical store. Since different brands can vary in sizing you may want to have your child try on the clothing to ensure a proper fit before buying. In addition to specialty stores, you can find dance clothing in certain retail stores or sporting goods stores.  The Internet is another great place to shop for outfits offering a vast selection of online retailers that sell dance clothing.

Boys Dance Wear

Dance is a form of art that has been part of human culture since time immemorial. It is a way of expressing a person’s emotions, a mode of social interaction and sometimes a form of non-verbal communication in human beings. Dance has evolved with mankind’s every development. It is evident by the multiplicity of different dance styles and forms of dance that include; jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary dances and hip hop dances, all of which are unique in their attire requirements.

Overtime we see a change in popular dance wear. Girls dance wear has much more to select from whereas boys dancewear is pretty standard with not much variety or uniqueness with it.

In Hip hop dance for instance, there is a lot of creativity and improvisation involved and dances are being invented all the time. Boys dance wear has sub-branches such as clowning, break-dancing and step-dancing. Hip hop boys dancewear on the other hand is a combination of trendy and fashionable dance wear that has comfortably fitting designs that are intended to meet the requirement of a particular dancer. It normally matches with baggy jean trousers and shorts, baggy cargo shorts, crotch pants, oversized t-shirts, college jackets, baseball hats, boots, and sneakers depending on the dance style and occasion the attire is intended for. In this regard, the attire could be artistically customized, at times depending on the theme of the dance or the dancer’s desires and comfort.

For ballet boys dancewear the attire includes tights and a pair of ballet slippers or ballet boots, a dance belt, and leotards. Jazz boys dancewear includes jazz pants or at times jazz suits and jazz dance shoes. Contemporary boy’s dancewear is characterized by tights or leotards, while for contemporary ballet, ballet slippers or boots.

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Tattoo Ballet Wear

A tattoo is a sign of distinction. It helps a person express their own personality and individuality. Whether it represents a personal belief, a devotion or is a work of art, tattoos stand out and makes the individual with the tattoo stand out as well. For most people this is not a problem and in many cases it is welcomed but when a dancer belongs to a dance troop, does the tattoo take away from the dance?

Of course in break dance and hip hop a tattoo is almost required. It just seems to go with the style. In ballet or contemporary, where the emphasis is on the group and not the individual, a tattoo ballet wear can easily take away from the performance and cause a distraction from the performance as a whole.

With thousands of individuals getting tattoos every months is it unfair to ask the dancer to remain pure from any tattoos? Many dance troops have no issue with tattoos as long as the dancer can cover it in some way for the performance. Many artists express themselves through tattoos but a dancers art is the movement of their body and if a large dragon tattoo on their shoulder is going to distract the viewers from the performance or costumes then it becomes a problem.

Many dancers approach this dilemma responsibly and creatively by positioning their tattoos in inconspicuous locations such as their hip, by coving the tattoo with makeup for the performance or with adequate ballet wear.

Like all individuals, a tattoo is something that you should not jump into spontaneously. You need to live with it for a long time and if it is a direct conflict with your occupation or lifestyle then you need to consider the implications of it. Plan your tattoo, consider the image thoroughly and find a trustworthy tattoo parlor and artist.

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Character Dancewear

Check out my video from Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump! What amazing Costume dancewear! Even the childrens dancewear was created by hand with love by family members.


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Character Dancewear- First Nations Dancing

Went to see some First Nations Dancing yesterday with my family and I have to say it was an amazing performance.  Every Wednesday during the summer you can drive out to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump in Southern Alberta for a free (yes I said FREE) performance by First Nations dancers.  First Nations people have some of the most beautiful character dancewear ever created and mostly they are hand made by family members.  The fabric and animal hide is covered in beads, porcupine quills, feathers and metallic jingles.  Even the childrens dancewear was colorfully decorated and embellished with beads and quills.

A couple of my favorite dances include the Jingle Dress Dance, Men’s Fancy Dance and Chicken Dance.  The Jingle dress is amazing character dancewear!  The dance was originated with the Ojibway Tribe and is a welcoming dance performed only by women.  They wear a knee high dress embellished with rows of metallic jingles sewn to the fabric.  They dance to the beat of the drum and make their dresses jingle with the lightest step.

The character dancewear of the the men’s fancy dance is very colorful with two elaborate feather bustles and thousands of colorful beads.

The First Nations dance wear is truly a work of art and love for a culture so enriching and beautiful.

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